Take a deep dive into Jewish values with the Jewish Virtual Academy
The Jewish Virtual Academy offers a range of classes, including text study and creative arts, taught by expert teachers from around the country.
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Our classes, for children and adults, invite you to explore how to apply Jewish values in your life.  We offer text-based study, intellectually engaging in-depth application of traditional texts (in English) to contemporary life, as well as creative-arts based study, including drama and art. Students with any background welcome (no Hebrew necessary). Our conversion program helps you discover the spiritual and ethical richness of the Jewish tradition. Join us, and find out why students say our classes are “a bajillion times better” than traditional Hebrew school!

We also partner with synagogues and day schools to help you enrich your educational offerings through our “Torah and Today” curriculum.

Conversion Classes

Classes & tutoring sessions to learn Jewish ethics, prayer, and practice. In our weekly online course, students gradually try out living Jewish practices, and learn about Jewish ethical ideals.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Preparation

The event sets the tone for a lifetime of passionate and meaningful Judaic involvement. 

Online Hebrew School

Individualized tutoring sessions to learn Jewish ethics, prayer, and practice. Classes cover ethics, spirituality, and Hebrew, and include both text and creative arts based classes.

Adult Judaic Classes

Explore contemporary Jewish ethics, spirituality, and Hebrew.

Jewish Virtual Academy