Bar / Bat Mitzvah

At Kol HaLev we believe the B’nai Mitzvah is way for a child to embrace their Jewish identity and start to participate as an adult member of the Jewish community. The event sets the tone for a lifetime of passionate and meaningful Judaic involvement.

We work with parents and children to develop a course of preparation to make this a meaningful celebration. For some children, this means learning the traditional prayers and Torah reading, with the help of our expert tutors. Alternatively, this may mean a significant project of Jewish learning or of social action, culminating with a presentation to the community. We will work with you to develop a meaningful course of preparation for your child and your family.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Besides this course of study, we help you and your child prepare for this celebration through Shabbat Dinners, Shabbat Services, and family Holiday celebrations, through which your child learns our traditions, as well as develops a sense of being part of a larger Jewish community.

Shabbat Celebration food prep

We are fortunate to offer the services of Rabbi David Siff, and Havivah Giangrecco, two loving and experienced educators who are happy to tutor your child. Our tutors are patient, warm, and friendly, are flexible with timing, and are happy to offer 30-minute, 60 minute, or longer tutoring slots, as many times a week as you want. We look forward to helping you make this a meaningful & joyous process!

Cost: $5200
Includes up to 30 tutoring sessions & either Shabbat celebration with Kol HaLev, or weekday ceremony of your choice designed together with Rabbi Siff. Discount: 40% of any tuition previously paid to Kol HaLev, up to $2,000